What is Overdraft Protection?

Have you ever made a mistake in your check book, or forgot that gas purchase you made yesterday?  Many of us do.  That is why there is overdraft protection.  Overdraft Protection is a convenience service that allows your credit union to look at other accounts to transfer from to cover purchases or debit to your account.  This service is offered free to all Superior CU members and is easy to set up.

Overdraft Protection allows you to avoid non sufficient funds (NSF) charges by allowing SCU to automatically transfer money from a specified SCU account in the event you overdraft your account.   You can overdraft from any SCU account that you are an owner/joint owner of.

If overdrafting from a savings account, you are limited to six (6) electronic transfers per month per federal regulations.

However, some times there aren’t any funds to cover a transaction that occurred on your account.  When this occurs, you will receive a NSF (non-sufficient funds) fee which is disclosed in our fee section located at fee schedule

To set up your overdraft protection, please contact us at 610.489.7239 and speak to a  SCU staff member today.

Please see our Overdraft Disclosure.