Superior Credit Union is a not-for-profit and member owned financial institution. Unlike other financial institutions that are strictly profit-driven, we return our excess earnings to our members in the form of competitive loan rates, increased dividend rates, and by constantly adding new products and services.

Superior CU has the honor to serve

anyone who lives, works, worships,

or attends school in Montgomery County.



Once you become a credit union member, you can invite your immediate family members and household members to join. However, these guidelines will help you determine their eligibility.

Immediate Family:

Anyone in the immediate family of an eligible member may join a credit union even if the eligible member does not join. Immediate family members include spouse, parent, child, sibling, grandparent, and grandchild. Adoptive and step-relationships are also included in the definition.

Example: The grandchild of an eligible member may join, even if the eligible member does not hold credit union membership. A nephew is not eligible to join under the immediate family definition unless his parent actually joins the credit union, creating a new immediate family unit that makes him eligible for membership.


People living in the same residence or maintaining a single economic unit with an eligible member may join only if the eligible member actually belongs to the credit union. Household members include domestic partners, roommates, family members, and legal guardian relationship. The definition excludes temporary residents and residents of boarding houses, frat houses, and condo complexes.

Once a person joins a credit union, regardless of what category made them eligible for membership, their immediate families and their households also become eligible to join.