e-Services are the most convenient way to access your account.  They are offered to you completely free by Superior CU.  Our e-Service products are:

e-Statements (FREE)

the paperless version of your account statement.  These are access through HomeBanking – E-docs.  They save time and paper and are great for the enviornment.  e-Statements store in your e-Docs for 12 months and can be printed out at any time.  To sign up for e-Statements:  log on to HomeBanking and click edocs from the Nav bar.  You will them be walked through a set up process.

To View:
1.  Access HomeBanking
2.  Click EDOCUMENTS from the navigation bar
3.  Select STATEMENTS.  Double click on the one your want to view.
(estatements are availabe after the next statement cycle)



textBANKING is new and completely free from Superior Credit Union.  See below on how to register and the shortcut commands to use when texting.

How do i register?

  1. Log onto HomeBanking.
  2. Go to “PREFERENCES” and click “TEXT BANKING”.
  3. Enter your mobile number and provider.
  4. Enter verificaiton code (sent via text msg.)

text commands to:  mobile@superiorcu.org


ACC            Lists account nicknames
ALERT        Establishes eAlert for outstanding check in last CHK x command
ALERT x     Establishes eAlert for check x
BAL            Same as BAL ALL
BAL ALL    Lists the balance for all accounts.
BAL x         Lists the balance on account x (where x is the account nickname)
CHK            Lists the last few cleared checks
CHK x         Retrieves Status information for check x
HELP x        Retrieves detail information about command x
INFO            Retrieves a list of commands.
LAST           Retrieves the last few transactions of all accounts
LAST x        Retrieves the last few transactions for account x
MORE          Retrieves the next few transactions or checks
STOP x        Request a stop payment on check x
TRA x y z    Transfer from account x to account y amount z.

change account nicknames:
1. Log onto HomeBanking.
2. Go to “PREFERENCES” and click “TEXT BANKING”.
3.  Enter new account nickname: