Deposit Services


We’re here to make your life easier. And what could be easier than to have your paycheck automatically deposited for you—absolutely free?

Direct Deposit

Arrange to have your entire paycheck, social security, or other regular payment deposited directly into your SCU account. Direct Deposit is safe, fast, reliable and costs you nothing. No running around. No standing in lines. No filling out deposit slips.

Payroll Deduction

Automatically distribute portions of each payroll check any way you want between your credit union accounts. For instance, set up automatic transfers from your Checking into an IRA account to maximize the dividends you earn. Or have money transferred to make loan payments, etc.


Our Routing number – 231380159
get our direct deposit form here.

Payroll Splits

Is your paycheck already coming to your SCU account?  You have the ability to split the deposit into multiple shares automatically.  Put money in savings, pay your loan, deposit into your child’s account, and have the net go into checking.  You can do that all here, and change at any time.  To set up a payroll split, call 610.489.7239