Debit Card

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At Superior CU, you qualify for a totally FREE MasterCard® Debit Card.  You can use your Superior Debit/Check Card at participating MasterCard locations, and at any ATM machine.  With the ability to access your account anytime, anywhere, you will always have “cash on hand”.

Quick Facts:

  • FREE Debit/ Check Card
  • Unlimited ATM transactions
  • Unlimited Pin-Based transactions (debit)
  • FREE Overdraft Protection
  • POS (Point of Sale) daily limit – $1,000 (call for an increase)
  • ATM Withdrawal daily limit – $600 (call for an increase
  • Verify by MasterCard allows you to securely purchase online! Click here to register


ATM Deposits

All ATM deposits will have a five day hold with only $200 released immediately.  For quicker availability of your funds, try shared branching or remote deposit!


Debit Card Disclosures