Superior Choice Loan

Auto Loan


The Superior Choice Loan Program is designed to provide our members with a better alternative to the growing problems of payday lending loans. Superior Credit Union has a strong interest in helping low and moderate income members manage their finances and meet their financial needs without resorting to high-cost, high- interest products such as payday loans.

To Qualify:

  • You must be a member for at least 60 days
  • Your payroll/direct deposit must already have been deposited a minimum of two times.
  • You can not have NSF, excessive casino, or third party payday loan activity
  • You must gross at least $1,000 a month (before taxes)


The Funds

The loan can be up to $750

  • $25 loan app fee
  • Up to $725 is in you hands
  • $20 advance fee (each time you advance funds from it)



Download the application here and bring it with you all filled out. 

If you do not have full direct deposit, please bring along two of your most recent pay stubs. 


All choice loans are complete in house.  We do not pull a credit report.  However, we do report your payment history.