Pay all of your bills directly from your checking account with Superior CU’s ipay® Billpayer service.  This is a completely FREE service that is accessed from your HomeBanking. 

Some of the features of BillPayer are:

  • calendar reminders
  • auto payments (re-occurring payments)
  • no fee to print the checks!

To sign up for BillPayer

  • simply access your account via HomeBanking and once logged in click on the “Pay Bills” link on the top Navigation bar.  You will be taken through a registration process and entered into the service.
    • Please allow up to 3 business days for the Bill Pay approval process. 

Remember, when paying certain bills, a physical check is produced and sent in the mail.  This can delay a payment due to travel time. Bill pay will alert of possible delays, but please schedule accordingly.  Most payees (utility bill, water bill, telephone bill) are sent electronically and typically post within 24 hours. Superior Credit Union cannot be held responsible for any delays due to physical checks being mailed or unaccounted for.